Reinventing business strategy through incorporating CSR objective in the company's core business and moving towards sustainability by bringing innovation and building stronger partnerships

Strategic CSR & Sustainability Summit 2017

Today, the basic objective of CSR is to maximize the company's overall impact on the society as well as on the stakeholders. An increasing number of companies are comprehensively integrating CSR policies, practices and programs throughout their business operations and processes. CSR is perceived not just another form of indirect expense but an important tool for protecting and enhancing the goodwill, defending attacks and increasing competitiveness. India spent US$1.23 billion (Rs 83.45 billion) in various programs ranging from educational programs, skill development, social welfare, healthcare, and environment conservation. The Prime Minister's Relief Fund saw an increase of 418 percent to US$103 million (Rs 7.01 billion) in comparison to US$24.5 million (Rs 1.68 billion) in 2014-15. Actual CSR spend increased by 20% on YoY basis. Almost 1/3rd of the companies spent more than the prescribed CSR. Whereas By 2015, India's spending on green IT and sustainability initiatives will double from $35 billion in 2010 to $70 billion in 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. In 2012, green IT and sustainability spending in India will total $45 billion.

Strategic CSR & Sustainability Summit 2017 will focus on how companies have been reinventing their business strategy through incorporating CSR objective in the company's core business and are moving towards creating sustainable growth models in different ways. The event will focus on principles and best practices used by corporates and CSR & Sustainability professionals to innovate their existing efforts and the importance of effective partnerships.

Key Benefits
The Strategic CSR & Sustainability Summit 2017 provides a dedicated platform for the industry and other stakeholders to come together to discuss the key challenges, learn from the best practices adopted across the country and ensure their firm is positioned to comply with latest regulatory guidelines.


Key Conference Focus Areas

  • Aligning CSR initiatives with business goal to create awareness, both internally and externally
  • Defining the scope of robust partnership models that deliver results on ground
  • Legal challenges involved in CSR Compliancee revenue?
  • Measuring Effectiveness of CSR Programmes and maximizing the impact of your projects
  • Leveraging social media to increase the impact of CSR efforts
  • CSR Reporting as an Important Tool of CSR Communication
  • How companies can develop roadmaps and move from sustainability initiatives to coherent sustainable strategies
  • Business Contribution to the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for forthcoming future
  • Fast Track Sessions: Hear directly from the innovative CSR and Sustainability Experts as they share the challenges they face as well as pitfalls in their operations and how they recover

Who will you meet?

CEOs, Managing Directors & Functional Heads of:


Corporate Social Responsibility


Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R)

Corporate Affairs

Environmental Affairs

Corporate Governance

Corporate & External Communications

Investor Relations

Community Relations

Public Relations & Branding

Strategic Planning

Human Resources, Academia, Government and policy makers, industry associations.

Why this is the must attend conference?


  • Map out the latest emerging strategies that will help your CSR process reach the next level
  • Gain in-depth guidance on latest solutions being adopted to combat CSR & Sustainability goals
  • Understand the specific guidelines on Corporate social responsibility
  • Share best practices on various aspects shared by top companies in CSR activities
  • Network with India's top regulatory and CSR & Sustainability experts

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